Terms & Conditions

Information provided by our website

We do our best to give our customers as correct information on our website and about our products as possible. However we reserve our rights against errors which may arise and which may result in our inability to deliver in accordance with the information given at , in our marketing or in any other way. We reserve our rights to withdraw products from our website or change the website and its contents.

Delivery and delay

We retain the risk for the product until you have it in your possession. If delivery of the product is delayed, you will be informed as soon as we are aware of the situation, and advised as to whether delivery can be made and when, or whether the product is sold out. Depending on the type of product and the length of the delay, you may according to the circumstances cancel the agreement.

Repair policy

We will repair any jewelry purchased through Items purchased through other retailers must be returned for repair to the store where the item was purchased.

Less than 6 months after purchase is free. More than 6 months is subject to a repair fee. Due to the nature of our products, we may not be able to order certain components needed to repair older items. We will inform you of how long the repair will take depending on the material availability.

Product care

We recommend that you treat the jewellery with care as natural wear can occur. When not in use, store this item in the original case in a cool, dry place. Colour and shape may vary.


Consumer purchases are governed by Norwegian law.


Privacy Policy

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